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A Beginner's Look Into the Major Arcana of the Tarot Card Deck

Every tarot deck is made up of 2 parts. 

One is the Minor Arcana (56 cards), and the other is the Major Arcana (22 cards). Each Major Arcana card represents something on its own.

Here's a quick overview of the major takeaways from each of these 22 cards.

An Introduction to the Suit of Cups

People have been using tarot to get accurate psychic readings since the 1700s. This science looks like it's here to stay, too, since the psychic industry is expected to grow to $2.4 billion in the coming years.

A Complete Guide to the Suit of Wands

A Complete Guide to the Suit of Wands

Picture the scene: a psychic is giving you a tarot reading and all the cards are drawn from the Suit of Wands. What does this mean for you? Should you be happy, sad, nervous?

An example Three Card Tarot Spread with Reversed Positions

When doing a Tarot card spread, the psychic reader can choose to keep the cards in an upright position or translate the cards with the upwards and reversed positions. The upright positions represent the positive aspect of the card. The reversed positions represent the negative aspects of the card. The choice of reading style is up to the psychic reader. The reader may choose to just do the positive aspect depending on the client and their question or issue. 

Tarot Cards and their meanings blog series

Over the next couple months we are going to be featuring Tarot Cards and how to translate their meanings. Tarot cards have been used for thousands of years to help predict the future. A Tarot card deck consists of 78 cards in two categories all shuffled together. The two categories are the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana tends to deal with major life changes. The Minor Arcana tend to deal with day to day life. 

The Right Relationship

Are you in the right relationship? That tingly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is just great. However, there are also concrete ways to tell if your relationship is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions in order to help decide if your love relationship is on the right track.

Do you miss your partner when they are not with you? If you never think of them when they are gone, it may be a sign that you are not that emotionally invested in them.

Tarot Card Reading or Clairvoyant Reading? Which should you choose?

Many clients ask if they should choose a Tarot Card psychic reader or a psychic who is strictly clairvoyant.  There are reasons for both and certainly client preferences are important.  Both Tarot card readers and clairvoyant psychic readers are accurate.  It depends on a couple of factors which is right for the client.  Also, we encourage our clients not to rule out a psychic by whether or not he or she uses Tarot.  The accuracy of the phone reading depends on the energy between the client and phone psychic.