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An example Three Card Tarot Spread with Reversed Positions

06 May

When doing a Tarot card spread, the psychic reader can choose to keep the cards in an upright position or translate the cards with the upwards and reversed positions. The upright positions represent the positive aspect of the card. The reversed positions represent the negative aspects of the card. The choice of reading style is up to the psychic reader. The reader may choose to just do the positive aspect depending on the client and their question or issue.

In this photo, this is how the cards would look to the client. The reversed card is the middle card, the IIIV of Swords. We will go over the positive and negative aspects of each card in upcoming posts.

This photo is of a very basic three card spread and is NOT a psychic reading. It is NOT targeted toward anyone specific. This photo is for example purposes only.
The Tarot Card deck shown is the Rider-Waite Tarot Card Deck.