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An Introduction to the Suit of Cups

An Introduction to the Suit of Cups

People have been using tarot to get accurate psychic readings since the 1700s. This science looks like it's here to stay, too, since the psychic industry is expected to grow to $2.4 billion in the coming years.

If you want to learn more about yourself, your fate, and your future, you likely are interested in getting a tarot reading. However, before this can happen, it's important that you know all about the deck that psychics use to see your fortunes. Here, we're going to tell you all about the Suit of Cups and what it can tell you about yourself, so read on for more information on what it means when you're drawn to this suit!

What Is the Suit of Cups?

The Suit of Cups is connected with the emotional part of a human being's consciousness. Because of this, readings that predominantly display Cups cards are associated with feelings like love and hate, connections with those around you, and relationships with loved ones.

The suit is also associated with water, which makes sense when you consider that water is as fluid as feelings are. The emotions that the suit reads into can be gentle and kind like light rain, but they can just as easily be as forceful as the strong tide coming into the ocean at night.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strength of this suit is that it is used to express empathy and kindness towards others. When you draw these cards in a reading, you likely have great compassion for others. Furthermore, those who associate themselves with the Suit of Cups are generally incredibly creative and talented at writing and art.

However, the Suit of Cups also has its weaknesses. When one is totally absorbed in feelings, they ignore important aspects of reality like facts and logic. They also can become overly absorbed in their own daydreams to the point where real life is neglected.

The Suit Reversed

As you likely already know, tarot cards can also be reversed in a reading. When this happens to Cup cards, it can mean that you are repressing important feelings that should surface before they explode. It can also mean that you have emotional blocks that lead to a lack of kindness and empathy.

Those who draw the suit in reverse also may be at a creative block in their life. This means that you may not be putting thought into things that require unique and innovative solutions and are therefore not being as productive as possible in your artistic endeavors.

Get a Reading

While there are a lot of ways that you can learn more about yourself and your fortunes, a tarot card reading is one of the best.

Now that you know the basics of the Suit of Cups, it's time to get a tarot card reading. Contact our expert psychics to schedule an appointment. We're also happy to answer any lingering questions that you may have about arcana so that you have a full understanding of how your reading will benefit you!