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Seeing and sensing auras

Seeing and sensing a person's aura can really help you pick up on a person's energy.  Auras can be on objects, too.  This article is focusing on energy around a living being.  For some people, seeing another person's aura is easy and comes naturally, for others, it takes time and patience.  The first steps in being able to see an aura is to practice meditation.  When a person can easily meditate and go into a calm zone, it is easier to see another person's aura when they are not meditating.  Developing consciousness is essential for seeing a person's aura - unless an aura photograph is taken!  An aura is the vibration of energy around your body.  Auras can change fast depending on the energy and health of an individual.  Seeing auras can help a person become a psychic and increases consciousness, spiritual development and awareness.  

An example of being able to see the start of a person's aura, is when you zone out and can see blurred light around a person or object.  The more pure the energy is, the easier it is to see the aura.  For some people seeing an aura is easy, for others, it takes time to focus on picking up on the energy.  This is quite the same as with psychic readers.  For some, it comes easily, for others, there must be consciousness developed to be able to read an individual.  There are many books on the subject of auras.  The colors of the auras each have their own specific meaning.