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What is the meaning of the Rainbow Aura?

What is the meaning of a Rainbow Aura?

A Rainbow Aura is a very positive sign, associated with paranormal abilities and enlightenment. It represents the aura surrounding psychics, mediums and other spiritually advanced people.

It also involves an aura of colors "brighter than bright" surrounding such a person - brighter than any rainbow!

[1] The color spectrum of that light permeating around someone who possesses this sign can shift to include brilliant white and gold in addition to the more usual colors seen in our normal world.

[2]The color combination of pink/violet and golden orange/yellow indicates great spiritual advancement and psychic ability. Such a person may be clairvoyant (clear seeing), or able to perceive things beyond the physical world through his/her expanded abilities.

[3] They may be able to help those in need of spiritual enlightenment.

In short, a rainbow aura is a sign from the spiritual or "higher" realm that the person possessing it has been chosen as a messenger for God, with supernatural powers and abilities! So if you see someone surrounded by this incredibly bright light, don't be afraid - they've been chosen as a Messenger of God with great powers - just have faith and trust. If your problem is urgent then they may be able to help you!

Rainbow Aura Colors

The following is a list of colors denoting the various aspects of your aura- all these colors are present in a Rainbow Aura. There will be a predominance of one or two of these colors, but ALL should be there to some degree.

Pink- love, joy, compassion and nurturing

Orange - Generosity, warmth and comfort

Yellow - Intellect and logic

Green - Balance, growth and healing

Blue - Protection from negative forces

Violet - Spiritual thought and understanding

Gold/Yellow & White - very positive sign associated with paranormal abilities and enlightenment

Silver/White- a manifestation of spiritual energies

Indigo- receptivity to new ideas on the part of the aura holder

Turquoise- psychic awareness

Olive green- physical healing

Black- absorbs negativity

Red- desire, sexuality and physical energy

Brown- grounding of spiritual energies

Aqua - creative use of imagination * The usually unseen colors are associated with each chakra point: 1st - red 2nd - orange 3rd - yellow 4th - green 5th - blue 6th - indigo 7th & above

Benefits of the Rainbow Aura:

1. Increased/heightened intuition:

When you have the rainbow aura, the colors of your auric field will become brighter and more vivid. As a result, you will be able to access all types of information beyond the physical plane. Your intuition will be heightened so that you can experience precognition and know things by just thinking about them or looking at them a certain way. You may also start to feel others' emotions or pick up on their thoughts without being told or see spirits who are not visible to other people around you. These abilities allow you to connect with both worlds - spirit and earth plane - because this information comes from a different realm than ours!

2. Psychic protection:

The color combination in your auric field becomes very powerful if it comprises pink and golden orange. This is because they can absorb and neutralize any type of negative energy that might be directed at you by others who wish to hurt or harm you in some way. You will also find it easier to block out negative thoughts and influence from other people's minds, meaning that others will not be able to affect you the same way as before with their fears and needs; instead, they will have a positive impact on you! People with this aura often become very spiritual and dedicated to helping humanity in general by furthering our understanding of ourselves and our own uniqueness.  

3. Supernatural abilities:

Having a rainbow aura means that your psychic ability is strong enough for you to use it without experiencing unpleasant phenomena such as headaches and nausea. You will be able to move objects with your mind, communicate telepathically, and manifest ideas into the physical world around you. This is because your aura has adapted itself to allow you to develop these gifts over time, thus making them more efficient for you to use!  

4. Connection with Source:

People who are of a high level of spirituality tend to have rainbow auras. If one has this type of aura then it means that they are very plugged into Source or God-energy, which means that they are always protected by the divine power no matter what happens to them physically in our earthly realm. They can stay stable even if someone tries to manipulate their mind or try some other insidious trick on them - because they draw their power from our Earthly Mother!

5. Higher consciousness:

People who have a rainbow aura are very spiritually evolved. This means that they are able to tap into the higher realms of existence, which is why they are always conscious even when they are asleep. They also feel more in touch with their angels or spirit guides that work for our Creator and care about us deeply. Because these entities make an effort to stay beside them, people with this aura tend to trust what comes naturally to them without overanalyzing things. This will make it easier for them to achieve the harmony in life that is so elusive for most people who choose not to embrace the spiritual aspect of themselves!   

This is a gift, and you should be thankful if you receive such a gift. Please do not attempt to fake this sign - it will become obvious very quickly with your energy vibrations!