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Is Opening My Third Eye Dangerous?

03 May

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Metaphysical and psychic gifts for the holidays

02 Dec

We have noticed many psychic and metaphysical gifts that have been popping up at large retailers. We thought it would be fun to share a few links of great gifts for your friends and family. We always think getting a reading is a very thoughtful and fun gift. But sometimes it is also fun to give cleansing, renewal, Chakra support and peace. Here are some of our favorite things that we saw while shopping. Enjoy!

We LOVE this website - we are not affiliated with this company in any way. They have Spell Kits, candles and so many fun things! You can probably make some of these kits yourself, but these are really cute kits.

We noticed that Target has these shirts available. They are all metaphysically centered.

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Understanding the Aura, and the intricate mental system that creates it

14 Nov

Elizabeth - Why Am I Here?The aura is mental energy around every person that is created by one’s thought process, emanating around the physical body through the seven chakras, which connect man to man and man to the universe. It is through this mental mechanism a clairvoyant connects to a person’s mind that enables him or her to do a reading pertaining to past, present or future events. It is also through this mental process that a psychic can read another person through the energy vibrations of the person he or she is reading, like friend, boyfriend, husband, etc. It is also the white light of protection around everyone.

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