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Your Guide to the Difference Between Aura and Chakra

Connecting with your inner spirit is a beautiful thing, and something tons of people seek to do. However, when it comes down to it, people often confuse aura and chakra with each other.

While it might seem as if they're the same thing, the truth is they're not. Below, not only are we going to share information with you about what makes them different, but you're also going to receive information about things like chakra color and aura meaning.

Get ready to connect with your energy in a way you've never been able to before.

What is an Aura?

Has anyone ever told you that you have a certain aura about yourself? If not, it's something that's been said in movies many times, and the person that says it is talking about the energy field extending from the person surrounding them.

The thing about your aura is it's not a single layer of energy, but many levels that correlate to your chakra. This is where things can become tricky because if the chakra is in the mix with your aura, how can they not be the same thing?

Your aura is constantly changing because of your physical, mental, and emotional status. If you're feeling sad, this will reflect in your aura, just like when you're happy or mad.

Seeing and Sensing Auras

What's the Purpose of Your Aura?

Now that you've got some more information about what your aura is, it's time to fill you in on what the purpose of it is. The first thing your aura does is exchange information back and forth with other people that you cross paths with daily.

When you come in contact with people, you share information with them without having to utter a word. Information such as:

  • Your current emotional status
  • Sense of yourself
  • Current mood

These are just a few things that will be communicated between the two of you. Because of this sharing of aura's, you'll find yourself connecting with people several times throughout the day. 

This is seemingly where deja vu comes into play because there will be times when you think you know someone, but you're unsure of where you've seen them or know them from. While you might find yourself drawn to certain people, others will have the opposite effect.

Instead of feeling drawn to them, something about them will warn you to stay away. We recommend you listen to this feeling because it's your aura receiving information and protecting you.

As your aura feeds you the information, you'll react accordingly, which can reflect in your demeanor towards certain things.

There's More...

Another thing your aura does, as we mentioned above, is it protects you. Not only does it protect you from the bad feelings of others, but it also protects you from your environment.

Your aura can only do this when it's healthy, which means you have to be healthy for it to function correctly. A healthy aura makes it easy for you to understand your boundaries and the differences in things you need in life.

The opposite of this is when your aura isn't healthy. This again will mirror itself in your attitude and the way you begin to navigate through the day. For example, if your aura isn't healthy, you won't be as confident or energetic as when it was healthy.

Not only this, but you'll also have issues maintaining the boundaries you've created. This can lead to you interacting with the wrong people and taking on their issues instead of taking care of yourself.

You must do what it takes to ensure your aura is healthy, but don't worry if it's not because we're going to share some ways you can cleanse your aura.

Cleansing Your Aura

One way to cleanse your aura is by taking a soothing bath. This isn't just any bath; it should be filled with sacred cleansing herbs, salts, and essential oils.

These ingredients will combine to cleanse your aura and return your energy field to a healthier state. We recommend you use Himalayan sea salt and only add a few drops of the essential oil so as not to irritate your skin.

As you're in the bath, you must take this time to visualize the current state of your aura. What does it look like? How does it feel?

Now that you have these answers in mind, begin to visualize your aura repairing itself. When you pull the plug out of the tub, visualize all the negativity tainting your aura flowing down the drain with the water.

Another common way to cleanse your aura is through smudging. To do this, you will need a stick of dry white sage. 

Before lighting the sage, take time to make your intentions known and then light it. Once you've lit the sage, wave it over your body several times, cleansing your body of the negativity that's clung to you.

Lastly, sit down and partake in a chanting session. As you begin the session, sit in solitude and visualize your light with your eyes closed.

Begin to think of several positive affirmations and focus on your breathing as you become more comfortable. Continue to chant until you feel it in every part of your being.

Aura Colors

Much like chakras, your aura has a color. There are twelve colors that your aura can be, and seven of them are connected to your chakra, which we'll get into a little later on.

If your aura is silver, it means something is about to happen for you in the form of abundance. This could mean that you're about to experience an increase in your tangible or spiritual wealth.

If you're giving off the color of brown, you should consider it a warning. It's showing you that you've got feelings of selfishness or greed that will appear in the near future.

What is a Chakra?

It's time to move on with your chakra, which is what the energy centers within your are known as. Your chakra correlates to different things and functions within the body.

As we've mentioned, things like your emotional, physical, or spiritual balance. Keep in mind most people only know of the main seven chakras without understanding that there are several sub-chakras, if you will, that are present as well.

Your chakras are present inside and outside of your body, and are interconnected as well. The thing is, as you breathe in and out, you're exhaling old energy and drawing new energy into the body.

Your chakras, no matter if they're inside or outside of your body, are all connected through channels flowing throughout your body. If you don't know the names of each chakra and its function, we've got you covered. 

Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra can be found just below your navel. It should be considered the center of your emotional expression.

Not only is this where your emotional expression derives from, but it's also where the beliefs you live by, and your creativity grows. Your sacral chakra is orange, and it's a representation of the things that bring you happiness.

Along with happy emotions come negative emotions, and all are housed in the sacral chakras. These emotions are a direct representation of the people and relationships you keep in your life.

Root Chakra - Red

Your root chakra is located at the bottom or base of your spine. The root chakra is what connects you to mother nature and the earth.

It draws you to it and helps you to feel balanced. The root chakra color is red because it's linked to your sexual needs, desires, and passionate wants.

While it symbolizes those things in terms of your aura, it means you're grounded emotionally as well as physically. A red color means you're enjoying all the things that life has to offer to you.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located at the very top of your head. The thing about your crown chakra is unlike the others; it can be one of two colors.

Either it's going to be white, or it will be violet. The crown chakra is what connects you to the divine or the higher being that you believe in. Because of this connection, you'll feel centered and related to your spirituality.

The color of this chakra is the highest of all chakra colors. If your aura is white or violet, it means that you're able to see the bigger picture and use this information to help other people that have problems seeing these things.

Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye is in the center of your forehead. It helps you to see beyond the physical realm and unlock a deeper meaning.

The color of this chakra is indigo because it represents how in sync you are with the divine. 

Throat Chakra

It should be evident that the throat chakra represents the way you communicate. The throat chakra color is blue because it signifies several things, including that you're currently in a state of calm.

If your aura is blue, it also means you're going to do what it takes to protect the people you love.

Solar Plexus

This chakra is at the bottom of your sternum and controls how your aura reaches other people and the world. The color of the solar plexus is yellow because it represents your spirit.

It can mean that you're playful and that you've had an awakening in the spiritual sense. 

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is in the center of the chest, where you house all of the love and caring for the people in your life. This is another chakra that can be multicolored; it can be pink, green, or both.

These colors represent the love you have for yourself, but they can also represent your love for others. 

So...What's the Difference?

We've shared tons of information with you, and it still might not be clear the difference between your chakra and aura. While the two are intertwined and connected, they aren't the same thing. 

Your aura is essentially the light of energy given off by your chakras. The information processed by your chakras is then displayed for others to see via your aura.

Think of your chakra as the bat signal, and the bright light as your aura pasting it in the sky for others to see as they pass by. One important thing to remember is that as your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs change, so do your chakras.

Because of these constant changes, the color of your aura will change and can mean different things depending on the way you're feeling. Keep in mind, as you move throughout the day and your life, several things can affect you and knock your chakras out of balance.

This, in turn, affects your aura, but there are ways to cleanse and find balance again. Sometimes talking to someone that understands spirituality is the only way to achieve balance and truly open your third eye to receive information from the divine beings.

Aura vs. Chakra: Similar or Energetically the Same

As we wind this discussion down, we've let you know what part your aura and chakra play in maintaining balance. We've also shared different methods you can use to cleanse your aura and center your energy.

If you're having trouble and need to connect with someone that understands where you are, call the Psychic Line. Our experts understand what it takes to help you get the answers you're looking for to return your energy to its purest state.