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More on Energy Clearing and Raising your Vibration

19 May

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Understanding the Aura, and the intricate mental system that creates it

14 Nov

Elizabeth - Why Am I Here?The aura is mental energy around every person that is created by one’s thought process, emanating around the physical body through the seven chakras, which connect man to man and man to the universe. It is through this mental mechanism a clairvoyant connects to a person’s mind that enables him or her to do a reading pertaining to past, present or future events. It is also through this mental process that a psychic can read another person through the energy vibrations of the person he or she is reading, like friend, boyfriend, husband, etc. It is also the white light of protection around everyone.

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Seeing and sensing auras

26 Oct

Seeing and sensing a person's aura can really help you pick up on a person's energy. Auras can be on objects, too. This article is focusing on energy around a living being. For some people, seeing another person's aura is easy and comes naturally, for others, it takes time and patience. The first steps in being able to see an aura is to practice meditation. When a person can easily meditate and go into a calm zone, it is easier to see another person's aura when they are not meditating. Developing consciousness is essential for seeing a person's aura - unless an aura photograph is taken! An aura is the vibration of energy around your body. Auras can change fast depending on the energy and health of an individual. Seeing auras can help a person become a psychic and increases consciousness, spiritual development and awareness.

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