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What Is the Meaning of a Black Aura?

Did you know that human beings radiate a low level of electricity at all times?

Scientists would call this our electromagnetic field. But many ancient practices and philosophies call that field an "aura".

Aura's shift and change as we move through the inevitable ups and downs of life. And if your life has been a little more down than up lately, you may be emitting a black aura.


But before we get into that, let's find out more about what an aura is in the first place.

Seeing and sensing auras

Seeing and sensing a person's aura can really help you pick up on a person's energy.  Auras can be on objects, too.  This article is focusing on energy around a living being.  For some people, seeing another person's aura is easy and comes naturally, for others, it takes time and patience.  The first steps in being able to see an aura is to practice meditation.  When a person can easily meditate and go into a calm zone, it is easier to see another person's aura when they are not meditating.