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Renee's notes from her Facebook Live More on Energy Clearing

Welcome to our Facebook Live! I’m Renee from PSI
We look forward to helping you. We have readers available who love to help with relationships, business and life issues. 
More on energy cleansing and a little about raising your vibration for spring. 
Many of the ways to cleanse energy that we focused on in our last Facebook Live were on inside the home. When thinking about it further, I wanted to go a little deeper into cleansing your own energy. 
Because it’s spring, its an excellent time to cleanse your energy. 
I think most people feel the need to clean their homes and refresh their space because they have a natural inclination to bring in new, fresh clean energy. 
Aura cleansing - I haven’t covered Auras too much. I will give a VERY basic description of an Aura. By all means - almost all psychic and metaphysical terms I use in my videos have many books written about them. Anytime it seems like a definition is too simple - know it is because it is. I have over simplified for our Facebook Live sake. 
The energy surrounding you, an item, a place or an animal is it’s aura. There are some psychics who do work with auras. We have readers who can read auras - but it is a visual and atmospheric quality. We do readings by phone - that is why we look for readers who can generate their own feelings based on energy and voice vibrations. 
Aura can be a smell or a visual energy picked up by a psychic. 
You can cleanse your aura by taking time for yourself and doing something that you love consciously devoting it to feeling good. You can say a prayer or meditation going into doing what you love and recognizing that you love it and honoring yourself as you are doing whatever it is that your heart loves. 
You can also cleanse your aura by meditation. When starting your meditation, be sure to recognize the energy you want gone. Go to a space where you know you will not be disrupted. Inhale positivity - exhale negativity. Do at least 15 deep breathes forcusing on your energy. Bringing in the positive and exhaling the negative. Imagine a white light surrounding you and let all of the negativity go by focusing on your body. From the top of your head all the way to your toes - let it all out. 
You might have to do this many times - all ending in a very relaxed and positive state. If you have a difficult time getting into a meditative mind - You will want to meditate more. The more you do your meditations - the easier it gets. The easier it is to calm yourself in stressful situations and the easier to let go. 
I would plan on a minimum of 20 minutes per session. 
Another way to cleanse your aura is by grounding. This is a PERFECT time of year to do this - 
This should also be a great way to relieve stress and feel balanced. Especially in the springtime. 
It doesn’t seem like it would work. I am a believer because I have done it and I did feel the effects. 
In order to ground youself, you literally have to touch dirt. The idea behind grounding is that it is thought that your body is meant to come into contact with the Earth on a regular basis. (In the winter, this is harder to accomplish because it’s frozen and sometimes you can’t even see the earth because of snow). 
In grounding, it is thought that our bodies can get rid of free radicals because the ground naturally contains a negative grounding charge. 
You can do grounding by putting your feet in the dirt barefoot, walking barefoot in the dirt, sitting or lying down. 
You can do your aura cleansing meditation while grounding. - Yes - lay in the dirt! This can do you some good. 
Just make sure to use the proper precautions - not too cold, good solid ground - stay away from any bug piles, No dangerous glass or picky things,  and be aware of your surroundings going in. Please make sure you’re somewhere safe where you can really let your mind go into a deep relaxation. 
Many people do this automatically without even realizing it. This is one of the many reasons you feel better when you come in from the outdoors and why we seek to get out of the city every now and then. Our bodies literally crave grounding. 
Have a wonderful week! If you do your grounding and have a positive or negative experience or need tips on making it better - please, feel free to ask! We would love to help. 
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