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8 signs you need to clear your energy

Here are signs it's time to clear your energy. We will also be going over how to clear your energy in some of our next posts. 

1 - You are finding yourself in a stressful time of life.

2 - You had some sort of negative encounter. 

3 - You were around a negative person or a person with negative energy.

4 - You feel dull or worn out with everything - even things you love.

5 - You feel like you’re in a rut and/or feel not like yourself.

6 - You haven’t had a chance to take time for yourself. 

Renee's notes from her Facebook Live More on Energy Clearing

Welcome to our Facebook Live! I’m Renee from PSI
We look forward to helping you. We have readers available who love to help with relationships, business and life issues. 
More on energy cleansing and a little about raising your vibration for spring. 
Many of the ways to cleanse energy that we focused on in our last Facebook Live were on inside the home. When thinking about it further, I wanted to go a little deeper into cleansing your own energy. 
Because it’s spring, its an excellent time to cleanse your energy.