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Help with Anxiety

15 Jan

We all feel anxiety. Here is a simple way to practice grounding in order to release some of your anxiety.
Pause for a moment.
Look around.
Find 5 things you can see.
Find 4 things you can touch.
Find 3 things you can hear.
Find 2 things you can smell.
Find 1 thing you can taste.

Take one long slow inhale and one long slow exhale.

Repeat until you find yourself focused on your actual environment and not on your stressor.

If you ground yourself, it can help you regain control by noticing your environment and taking a moment to yourself.

You're not alone, we all feel anxiety at times. If you find your anxiety is severe or dibilatating. Please don't be hard on yourself and please talk to your doctor.

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Renee's notes from her Facebook Live More on Energy Clearing

24 May

Welcome to our Facebook Live! I’m Renee from PSI
We look forward to helping you. We have readers available who love to help with relationships, business and life issues. 
More on energy cleansing and a little about raising your vibration for spring. 
Many of the ways to cleanse energy that we focused on in our last Facebook Live were on inside the home. When thinking about it further, I wanted to go a little deeper into cleansing your own energy. 
Because it’s spring, its an excellent time to cleanse your energy. 
I think most people feel the need to clean their homes and refresh their space because they have a natural inclination to bring in new, fresh clean energy. 

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More on Energy Clearing and Raising your Vibration

19 May

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Auras and grounding can help clear negative energy.

It’s exciting to experience the feeling of connection with a psychic reader.

Call us if you have any questions or if you would like a psychic reading by phone. We love to help!

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