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Psychic Development Tips

Psychic Development Tips

How do I develop my psychic abilities? 

Developing your own psychic abilities is a lifelong journey. Here are some tips to help you figure out your psychic abilities. 

Pay attention to your first instinct. Your first instinct is usually your intuitive instinct. Thinking and letting your emotions out will interfere with your actual intuition. 

Learn to control your fear of your abilities. We hear all the time that people are scared or nervous of their psychic abilities. And, it’s understandable. Learning to have faith in yourself and your instincts is a gift you can give yourself. 

Know that your psychic development may take time. It’s a journey not a destination. There may be times you don’t feel your intuition. Examples of these times are when you are tired, have gone through an emotional event, chronic stress and life changes. If you are too close to the situation, it will also inhibit your intuition. This is why so many psychic readers call us. It’s hard for readers to be objective in their readings when it comes to their own personal situations or with close friends or family. 

Honor yourself. Have faith in yourself. Always take time to meditate, eat healthy, get fresh air and love yourself. It will enhance your psychic abilities by giving you confidence. Confidence is what separates good psychics from great psychics. 

Put away preconceived notions and too much thinking - both inhibit your intuition and psychic abilities. Double thinking and judging are two ways to inhibit your confidence in your predictions and intuition.

Know that free will happens and situations evolve - evolving situations must include an evolving intuitive guidance. Every situation evolves. Know that you may need to keep your intuition fresh in order to give the best advice. Keep your intuition fresh by clearing your energy. 

Do not read for others without their consent. This is important. It is very rude to start reading someone without their consent. It can also mess with your intuition and your predictions. Always ask a person if they mind if you read for them. It is also basic psychic etiquette to ask before using their energy. 

Journaling helps you focus and figure out if your predictions are correct. You specifically want to journal your first thoughts or hunches about a person or situation. 

Get off social media to listen to your intuition. Turning off social media helps your intuition. Social media is fun, but it does inhibit your thoughts to roam and remain free from outside forces.