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Mercury goes into retrograde starting June 26, 2013 and end July 20, 2013.  A retrograde occurs when a planet seems to move backwards from where we sit.  Mercury is our closest neighbor, so it goes into retrograde several times a year.  Of course, it is important to note that the retrograde starts to affect things for periods before and after the actual retrograde.  The effects of this retrograde may start to be felt as early as June 18th and extending itself through July 28th.  Long and torturous.  

What does Mercury Retrograde in Cancer mean?  Cancer rules home, hearth, and weather.  Make sure your homeowner's insurance is paid and up to date.  The possibilities are endless.  We are going into hurricane season.  Pay attention to the weather and prepare accordingly.  Watch out for infestations of insects.  You get the idea.  

On a national level we could experience some sort of new scandal focusing on mortgages and/or real estate.  There may be some sort of computer espionage that comes to light.  Fortunately, once the retrograde ends things should return to normal very quickly.  

People will face the usual challenges when it comes to communication, starting something new, computers crashing, vehicle breakdowns, travel plan glitches, being able to understand and execute simple instructions, etc.  Since Cancer influences family, we may run into difficulties there that truly test our patience.  Libras will probably be bothered the most by this event.

On the bright side a Mercury Retrograde may be a great time to think about your future goals, double check all of your appointments, carefully read over any important documents or contracts for accuracy, review your current projects, etc.  Let your creative juices simmer and stew.  This is not the time to jump into anything new.  When the retrograde passes, you will be ready to proceed.

Remember to be especially diligent regarding your home and extra patient with your family and loved ones.  If issues pop up for you during this Mercury Retrograde, please give one of our tested readers a call.  We have some of the best telephone psychics available to assist you with love, family, relationships, career, mediumship, clairvoyance, etc.

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