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4 Ways to Avoid Holiday Drama

Holiday Drama happens. People may be busy, stressed, tired, and overly excited. Try to avoid drama this holiday by considering the four following suggestions: 

1. Have A Holiday Plan. Work out a fair plan as to where and when you celebrate the holidays.. Decide between yourselves where, when and how you will celebrate. Do what works best for you. For example, spend Christmas Eve with your In Laws, Christmas morning with yourselves, and Christmas Day with your family. Let everyone know your intentions and stick to your schedule. Set boundaries and have lots of fun. It is also important to present a unified front. Give each family group your undivided attention and have lots of fun without drama.

2. Make Time For Just Yourselves.  Spend some quality time with friends and loved ones.  Make your own special memories.The time doesn’t have to involve travel or a lot of effort. Sometimes a good cuddle on the sofa, some snacks, some wine or a good Christmas Movie will serve the purpose. If you share love and good will with that special someone or someones, the Holidays will be more enjoyable and less stressful. Being relaxed and happy is a great way to avoid or deal with holiday drama.

3. Remember to Enjoy Yourself.  We all have lots to do in preparation for the Holidays. If you take the time to watch that Christmas movie, be sure to watch and enjoy it with your loved ones. Don’t grab your cell phone or tablet and message people, check social media, look over your calendar, surf the net, play games, or shop. Pay attention and be 100% there. Make a personal connection with the Christmas experience. Share love, attention, experience and time. This will make for a much happier Holiday without drama.

4. Do Not Eat or Drink Too Much. Holidays provide us with the chance to consume all sorts of food and drink. Try to avoid overloads of sugar, alcohol, or coffee. All of these ingredients can cause the release of stress hormones in your body. When you combine your crazy schedule, extra planning that goes into the holidays, and too many goodies; you may become short-tempered. A simple dietary change may help you avoid Holiday drama.

The Holidays will not be perfect. Gifts are not the only surprises that will occur. Giving and receiving presents, attending family functions, work parties, church activities, social media well wishes, shopping, eating, decorating, wrapping, preparing food, dealing with schedules, photos, Holiday cards, package deliveries, and school activities are just some of the fun challenges that we deal with during the Holiday Season.

Don’t forget that the missteps that may occur during celebrations might just become treasured holiday memories. This jolly season should bring us together and make all the preparation and hard work worth it. A good sense of humor and love should make for another great holiday. We hope you find these suggestions helpful and use the 2019 Four Steps to Avoid Holiday. 

If you are still nervous about Holiday Drama, give The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. a call. Our tested telephone psychics should be able to provide you with insight regarding the best way to handle family, friends, loved ones, lovers, neighbors, feelings, etc. Realistic expectations, a good game plan, and an excellent tarot card reading or clairvoyant advice should be able to help you avoid Holiday Drama and experience a truly happy Holiday.

If have trouble (you can’t please everyone), a tested phone psychic should be able to identify problems and help you sort things out. Do not spend your limited holiday resources and time by  trying to sort out difficulties for yourself. Time is limited and precious.
If you have issues, we have insight. Give us a call so that we can help you avoid holiday drama!