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25 Ways to Love Yourself

25 ways to love yourself more Loving yourself can make a difference in how you feel everyday. It can help you be more successful. Loving yourself also attracts more love in your life. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured by such a long list. Choose one or two and focus your energy on them until you feel you can add more. You spend a lot of time with yourself. You deserve to love yourself. Psychics love to help with personal growth and awareness. If you feel you need a reading, please call us. We have amazing readers who work with us. 

4 Ways to Avoid Holiday Drama

Holiday Drama happens. People may be busy, stressed, tired, and overly excited. Try to avoid drama this holiday by considering the four following suggestions: 

12 Ways to Increase Your Intuition

How to increase your intuition:

1. Observe others, their situations and outcomes.

2. Listen to your gut feeling and heart.

3. Learn as much as possible about the metaphysical world and psychic space.

4. Pray and meditate - create a space for yourself.

5. Be empathic - find people who seem to be your opposite and try to truly understand how they feel and experience the world.

6. Solitude - take time for yourself to recharge and turn inward.

7. Find balance - know your boundaries so you don't burn yourself out.