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25 Ways to Love Yourself

25 ways to love yourself more Loving yourself can make a difference in how you feel everyday. It can help you be more successful. Loving yourself also attracts more love in your life. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured by such a long list. Choose one or two and focus your energy on them until you feel you can add more. You spend a lot of time with yourself. You deserve to love yourself. Psychics love to help with personal growth and awareness. If you feel you need a reading, please call us. We have amazing readers who work with us. 

Focus on happiness and love. Make it the top priority in your life. Make every single thing you do closer to your goal of loving yourself.

1. Choose healthy food - One meal at a time. Healthy food makes you feel so much better.

2. Find your favorite workouts. Keep trying different workouts until you find some that you love. Kickboxing, yoga, dance, weight lifting - try everything until you find one or a few you love. Moving will definitely give you confidence which feels great!

3. Call an old friend or someone you haven’t had a chance to catch up with for a while. We all get in ruts that can include just keeping in touch with people on social media. On social media, you often do not get the intimate details of their life. It may feel like an inauthentic connection unless you make the time to actually catch up. Hanging out with an old friend can remind us of ourselves.

4. Do a night time routine that helps you sleep and makes your morning easier. Lay out your clothes. Drink some warm herbal tea. Do everything that could be done the night before so you don’t feel panicked and rushed in the morning. 

5. Meditate and/or pray. This is important and doesn’t have to be religious unless you want it to be. Taking 5 minutes to meditate and/or pray can really help you focus on what is important. It also allows time for gratitude and mindfulness.

6. Read a book. Turn off all electronics and just read. Fiction, biographies, self help, revisit a favorite book - whatever interests you.

7. Travel somewhere new - It doesn’t have to be far. There are certainly places in your area where you haven’t been or haven’t experienced. Local travel ideas include going to the beach, going to an art museum, trying a new restaurant or going for a hike. You can be a tourist in your hometown. If you have the means, book that big trip you have always wanted to go on.

8. Practice forgiveness - for yourself and others. Forgiving yourself for bad decisions or something that went wrong is one of the most freeing feelings. You deserve to love yourself enough to let go. Finding forgiveness for others is important, too. Holding onto anger is very toxic. Forgiveness is not saying what the other person did is okay. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself so you don’t carry around toxic energy.

9. Set healthy boundaries with work. This is hard, but very necessary. When we overwork, it changes our stress levels, our ability to be creative and is exhausting. It also cuts into the time you need to do your other healthy stuff. Find a way to have some boundaries with work.

10. Challenge your fears. Identify your fears and challenge them. For instance, if you are terrified of public speaking, join Toastmasters and learn about speaking in public. If you are afraid of heights, challenge yourself with heights. You do not need to do anything extreme. Small steps count towards being more comfortable with your fears. Feel the fear and do it anyway. (Be safe and use your brain though, we don’t want anyone getting hurt!)

11. Try something new. Want to try cake decorating? Line dancing? Painting? Dog training? Storytelling? You can research all of these for free on Youtube. Learning a new skill can definitely bring confidence and more love into your life.

12. Do something creative. Art doesn’t have rules. Even if you think you’re bad at it, there is value in creating. Paint, draw, write, play music, act and dance.

13. Listen to a podcast. There are a million different podcasts available. We suggest finding one that is positively focused. There are so many different personalities and focuses for podcasts. Find one that will promote happiness, inner peace and/or self love.

14. Get your finances in order. This is a big self love issue. You must find a way to respect your money as part of yourself. Even if you can only put $5 into a savings account per week or month, that will help you in the future.

15. Take a moment a few times per week to evaluate your stress. So many of us live in a constant state of stress, we have a hard time figuring out what level our stress is at any given moment. Being conscious of your stress level and learning how/when it raises will help you identify times where you need to take a break.

16. Make a doctor’s appt or four. Keeping in touch with your doctor can/will greatly affect your health and life. Always be honest with your doctor. Bring a list of issues you may be having. When you feel good and you take care of your body, you are showing yourself some love.

17. Learn to say no. This can be difficult but it is important. Be honest and say no to the things you do not want. Say no to things you do not want to do. Say no to things that cause your more stress than they are worth. Say no to anything that brings you further away from your self love and happiness goals.

18. Laugh - watch a comedy on netflix or read a funny book or blog. Laughing is a wonderful cleanse. It changes your energy.

19. Tell your loved ones how much you value them. Giving love is just as important as receiving love. Giving love also brings love back to you. Showing your loved ones how much you love them is so important. Life is short. Always let them know how important they are to you and how much they are appreciated.

20. Clean one closet or drawer at a time. Decluttering usually makes people feel lighter and happier. Having a ton of old stuff in your home can really mess with feng shui.

21. Donate your extra goods. After decluttering, donate to people and charities who need help.

22. Dedicate yourself to making sleep a priority. This sounds like an easy thing to do, but it does involve planning and discipline until you get into a routine.

23. Listen to music and (if you feel like it) dance. This is an excellent way to clear energy. Revisit old favorite albums. Listen to albums you have been meaning to hear. Listen to artists you have been meaning to get to know. Let the music move you - or just listen.

24. Put your phone down. Many of us are so addicted to our phones, we do not realize how much we are on them. Whenever we open our phone, the outside world puts its energy on you. It could be positive or negative depending on what is happening in the world. In an election year, it can be overwhelmingly negative. We believe limiting the time on your devices is essential for mental health.

25. Volunteer. There are so many ways you can help your community. When you volunteer, you get to help an organization you love. You will feel so good about it, you will love yourself more! You might make some new like-minded friends, too.