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4 Ways to Avoid Holiday Drama

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12 Dec

Holiday Drama happens. People may be busy, stressed, tired, and overly excited. Try to avoid drama this holiday by considering the four following suggestions: 

1. Have A Holiday Plan. Work out a fair plan as to where and when you celebrate the holidays.. Decide between yourselves where, when and how you will celebrate. Do what works best for you. For example, spend Christmas Eve with your In Laws, Christmas morning with yourselves, and Christmas Day with your family. Let everyone know your intentions and stick to your schedule. Set boundaries and have lots of fun. It is also important to present a unified front. Give each family group your undivided attention and have lots of fun without drama.

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Christmas can be rough -

19 Dec

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to remind our social media and blog family that Christmas and the holidays can be really rough for some people. There have been many losses this year. It may be someone's first or 40th Christmas without their loved ones. The holidays can be very rough for those experiencing grief and loss.

If you can, please extend an invitation or bring a meal to someone who might be having a rough holiday. You can bring the person out for coffee or a lunch - or invite them to your holiday celebration.

If you are having a rough holiday, we will be covering some things you can do to help heal and make it a positive experience on our next Facebook Live.

Love and light to you - Everyone at PSI

We all go through difficult times. You are not alone.

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Metaphysical and psychic gifts for the holidays

02 Dec

We have noticed many psychic and metaphysical gifts that have been popping up at large retailers. We thought it would be fun to share a few links of great gifts for your friends and family. We always think getting a reading is a very thoughtful and fun gift. But sometimes it is also fun to give cleansing, renewal, Chakra support and peace. Here are some of our favorite things that we saw while shopping. Enjoy!

We LOVE this website - we are not affiliated with this company in any way. They have Spell Kits, candles and so many fun things! You can probably make some of these kits yourself, but these are really cute kits.

We noticed that Target has these shirts available. They are all metaphysically centered.

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