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The rest of our Facebook series on Attracting an Abundance of Love

Provide self care and self love. Providing love and self care to yourself daily is essential to your well being. That same self care - loving yourself and caring for yourself - helps to raise your frequency. This can take a little time but it is worth it for the quality of your life.
When you raise your frequency, you raise the level of the type of people you attract. When you attract better prospects, you have more opportunity to find the love you want.

Attracting Love - Blog from our Facebook series

There are many types of love that you can attract. You may seek love from a friend, lover, people at work, your family - The first place to start is to focus on what area of love you wish to attract. This will become what you are working towards and lays the groundwork so you can take steps working toward that goal. Identifying and being specific are key components toward future success in any goal. 

Understand Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are simply extensions of senses that most people possess. These senses have applications in your daily life. In order to understand your particular gift, understanding the terms that fall under the general umbrella of psychic should be helpful.

Psychic Terms and Meanings

Attracting Abundance - Tips to help make your dreams come true

Our next series of posts is going to be about attracting abundance. There will be tips on how to recognize and attract abundance into your life.

In order to attract abundance - you must make positive changes that will help get you to your goal. The following posts will help you learn to focus positive energy to get your idea of what abundance means - and how to gain abundance.

Attracting Abundance - Get to work!

Once you have your abundance goal, you've told the world and you're focused and creating positive energy around that goal - it is time to do the work. Write out your plan for creating abundance. It could be a simple list or it could be quite detailed. It is a list that will positively guide you toward your abundance.

The list must be realistic and as specific as possible. 

If you are looking for an abundance of romantic love -

Here is a sample of a list that could help you reach your goals.

Soulmate or Life Partner or Both?

It is important to determine if the person you are dating is your soulmate or life partner. Hopefully, the person you are in love with is actually both your soulmate AND your life partner. It doesn't always work out that way and it can be hard to determine where you stand with the person you are married to or dating. 

A soulmate is a person who is perfectly suited for you. They make you feel whole. You are in love with his or her flaws. You feel like you have known them before and are comfortable with them. You have a strong attraction to each other. 

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury will go into retrograde from May 18th through June 11th in 2015.  This retrograde takes place in Gemini.  Gemini by its very nature is generally prominent in communication.  A Mercury in Retrograde in Gemini may be very interesting indeed.  A retrograde usually is a good time to reflect on what has happened in order to truly understand what has been going on in your life.  Look at this as an opportunity to relax and examine the meaning of life.  A Mercury Retrograde is generally not a good time to start something new.

Review of the Theresa Caputo Live! Experience

Last night I went to see the Theresa Caputo Live! show at the CFE Arena at UCF. I had a wonderful time! I went with Michelle and Sandy. There were many points that we took from the show and we all have different aspects of it to share with all of our loyal clients. The first is that your loved ones are still with you, around you and live on because of your memory of them. Their energy is still around you and psychic mediums can and do pick up on that energy. The continuation of love that happens to all of us is sometimes hard to recognize.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

The last retrograde for 2014 takes place in Scorpio from October 4th through October 26th.  The usual warnings apply.  Do not start anything new.  Double check anything and everything that involves communication.  If you are traveling, double check your itinerary.  Back up your computer.  Make sure to check the engine light on your vehicle.  Make sure you verify all appointments a couple of times.  Be careful of your cell phone.  Make sure you do not send out a mass email that was intended for only one person.

Your Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance simply means "clear seeing."  The person who has this psychic ability generally uses their third eye to visualize events from the past, present or future. 

It is somewhat different from the sort of intuition that most people experience. For example, many people know when someone is going to call them on the telephone. They feel the energy and actually know beforehand who is on the phone even before it rings. This is a common experience.