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Sending love your way

Sending love your way

In the past week, we have had many clients really upset - not with us, but with many things that are happening in their lives and in the world. We always strive to be a positive space online. We also strive to be helpful to our clients in need. 

The world may seem crazy right now. We believe and have faith for peace in the future. 

Astrologically, this is a really difficult month. There are many very chaotic retrogrades and two eclipses this month. We believe the astrologic energy is making many things difficult. Difficult for communication and escalating emotions can be an effect of all of the astrological events. 

Please don't be hard on yourself. If you are going through a rough time, please know it will pass. 

Hang in there. We are sending love out to each and every one of you. We pray for peace. We have a prayer candle lit for peace.