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Attracting Abundance - Get to work!

Once you have your abundance goal, you've told the world and you're focused and creating positive energy around that goal - it is time to do the work. Write out your plan for creating abundance. It could be a simple list or it could be quite detailed. It is a list that will positively guide you toward your abundance.

The list must be realistic and as specific as possible. 

If you are looking for an abundance of romantic love -

Here is a sample of a list that could help you reach your goals.

1. Make a list of what your match will be like - describe as many positive virtues as possible - being specific is key.

2. Figure out where the type of person you described would be. Great places to meet a partner - volunteering for a cause you love, fitness classes, alumni associations or community groups, through mutual friends and/or online dating sites.

3. Work on confidence and smiling. A smile goes a long way in attracting positive energy and abundance.

4. Be the type of person you would want to date.

5. Action - get to work on creating abundance.