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Why are Animals Attracted to Me?

02 Nov

The short and quick answer is that animals are all about energy and observation. Animals like dogs, cats, horses and other animals that have been domesticated have developed how to read our energy. It is a basic survival ability of theirs. If you are a person animals are attracted to take it as a huge compliment of your energy. Animals that live with us are watching and learning about our behaviors all the time. They learn from our patterns and how we live our daily lives. If an animal does not know a person, they will go by their learned ability to trust certain types of energy. The energy may remind them of someone who was nice to them, someone they love or they may recognize your energy as being positive for them. 

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The rest of our Facebook series on Attracting an Abundance of Love

17 Sep

Provide self care and self love. Providing love and self care to yourself daily is essential to your well being. That same self care - loving yourself and caring for yourself - helps to raise your frequency. This can take a little time but it is worth it for the quality of your life.
When you raise your frequency, you raise the level of the type of people you attract. When you attract better prospects, you have more opportunity to find the love you want.

Focus on your goal and use your intuition. You may attract people with higher vibrations, but not all of them will be for you. It's okay to listen to your heart and keep pushing forward until you find exactly the type of love you want.
Your intuition is your most valued asset. When you really focus on a goal, your intuition is there to help you find a way to make that goal a reality.
Honoring your intuition is a way to honor your self and show self love.

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Attracting Abundance - Get to work!

03 Aug

Once you have your abundance goal, you've told the world and you're focused and creating positive energy around that goal - it is time to do the work. Write out your plan for creating abundance. It could be a simple list or it could be quite detailed. It is a list that will positively guide you toward your abundance.

The list must be realistic and as specific as possible.

If you are looking for an abundance of romantic love -

Here is a sample of a list that could help you reach your goals.

1. Make a list of what your match will be like - describe as many positive virtues as possible - being specific is key.

2. Figure out where the type of person you described would be. Great places to meet a partner - volunteering for a cause you love, fitness classes, alumni associations or community groups, through mutual friends and/or online dating sites.

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