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10 ways to learn to love yourself

10 ways to learn to love yourself

Last week, we had a lady ask us about learning to love herself. We know this is a spiritual issue and want to address it to the best of our ability. Considering how much time each of us spends with ourselves, it is essential to forgive yourself and learn to live at peace. This can be a short of long process considering there are so many different energies and frequencies. Learning to love yourself will be the greatest thing you ever do for your spirit. Please don't be hard on yourself for needing help with this - it comes naturally for a some and others just need to work harder at it. Loving yourself is another way to learn all about your personal intuition. We will start with the easier ways first and work into the more difficult tasks. Know that however screwed up things seem to be, you have renewing energy deep inside and you can work to bring out. Here are 10 ways we have found from personal experience that may be able to help you. 

1. Change your inner dialogue. Use positive words when speaking to yourself. The book, The Secret, really goes into changing vocabulary in order to bring positivity in. Dialogue can really have an effect on your conscious mind. 

2. Know that there is no one in the world like you. You are special, unique and have gifts to offer the world if you give yourself a chance. 

3. Evaluate your actions to see if your actions are moving you toward the goal of being totally in love with yourself. If you have any actions that are holding you back - find a way to drop them and add something that will bring positive energy.  Focus on your goals and really evaluate how to add positive steps that will help you toward your goals.

4. Give yourself space to recognize that you're human. Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself - or find ways to forgive yourself slowly because it can take time. 

5. Learn or do something that makes you feel good. Yoga, walking, gardening, meditation, painting, reading, volunteering - find something that you love that makes you feel good and do it as often as possible. 

6. Forgive yourself for your past. Declare today as the new day of your next awakening. Forgive yourself for your old hurts and genuinely let the issues go. The issues might come to mind again in the future. Every time they enter your consciousness - stop yourself from focusing on them too much and focus on forgiving yourself. 

7. Only allow people in your life if they are helping your move into your positive direction. If someone you have in your life is constantly reinforcing any of your self doubts or negativity, limit your time with them. We know that it can be hard to completely cut some of these people out of our lives because they can be family members, but limiting the amount of exposure you have to a negative person can help you. When you are first on your positive journey, you might want to cut them out completely for a little while during your spiritual journey of getting stronger and more positive with yourself. 

8. Know that everything is temporary. Recognizing that many feelings and situations are temporary - you can prevail! 

9. Please do not compare yourself to others. You are on a completely different journey. Just know that we all have our own heartaches and our own challenges. Some people may seem like they have it all together, but if you could see and feel what they are dealing with, you would realize we all have our own issues. We are all human. 

10. Learn about and maintain healthy boundaries. Boundaries set limits for yourself - It can be anything from - "I always go to bed before 10:30pm" to "I must do the thing I love 3 days per week." It can also be boundaries that you set for yourself with people. For instance, "I will find the strength to say no when someone asks me to do something that does not fit into my 'love myself' plan"

If you need help - find the correct type of help. Generally speaking, people love to help. There is no shame in reaching out.