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10 ways to learn to love yourself

08 Feb

Last week, we had a lady ask us about learning to love herself. We know this is a spiritual issue and want to address it to the best of our ability. Considering how much time each of us spends with ourselves, it is essential to forgive yourself and learn to live at peace. This can be a short of long process considering there are so many different energies and frequencies. Learning to love yourself will be the greatest thing you ever do for your spirit. Please don't be hard on yourself for needing help with this - it comes naturally for a some and others just need to work harder at it. Loving yourself is another way to learn all about your personal intuition. We will start with the easier ways first and work into the more difficult tasks. Know that however screwed up things seem to be, you have renewing energy deep inside and you can work to bring out. Here are 10 ways we have found from personal experience that may be able to help you.

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