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What kind of questions can I ask in a tarot card reading?

Once you are in a psychic reading with any of our readers, you can ask any question or questions you want to ask. However, there are certain times where Tarot card readings are a better fit for a particular situation. 

Clairvoyant psychics, psychic mediums and Tarot card readers can specialize in relationships, business, finding lost objects and general life direction. Generally speaking, we recommend a reader who uses Tarot cards as a tool if you want a general reading, a reading where a life change may be happening and/or a reading within a certain time frame. Tarot card readers are usually good at predicting timing of events and are usually more concrete with life change events. 

Psychic medium readers are excellent at picking up on energy. It could be the energy that a certain person is bringing to a situation. The reader could pick up on a specific person. 

Clairvoyant psychic readers pick up visually on bits and pieces of your past, present and future. They get images from the energy around you and describe the images. 
Clairvoyant psychics also describe the energy of the image. 

Great questions for a tarot card reader include: 
Do you see any changes for my life in the near future? 
Will I meet my soul mate soon? 
Do you see any changes in my career? 
In general, what do you see happening in my life?