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Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde - October 5 - November 16, 2018

The turmoil of this wild summer is coming to an end. If you listened to what all the Retrogrades were trying to teach you this year, you should be in great shape to move forward and improve your love life.

Summer is gone. Fall and the harvest season is here, and you will reap what you have sown. This cycle pretty much repeats itself every year. Hopefully, you tended the garden of your life, eliminated the weeds of negativity, and protected the good that is growing in your garden.  Think of it as the calm after the storm of summer retrogrades. Use Halloween as a means to put the hot summer behind you, lighten up, and enjoy the energy that a good harvest provides.
This is generally a good time to bond with your loved one and have a Happy Halloween experience. Fortunately the planets seem to be in position to help you with this as Venus Retrogrades from Scorpio (always a little intense) back into Venus on October 5th and goes direct on November 16th.

Halloween should be especially fun this year. The influence of sensual Scorpio on Halloween should heat things up on the physical side. Remember to ignore any attempts regarding power plays in relationships from yourself or others. If you relax and focus on Halloween fun, you should be able to move forward and have a great time during this fall celebration.

Have fun with your creativity and make Halloween a period full of love and fun. Venus Retrogrades are generally a good time to focus on relationships in general. It is often a period where we dream about the perfect lover. It is also a time when, if a new relationship starts, that relationship might be short-lived. If you are thinking about resuming an old relationship, it may also end quickly because you may just need to take care of any old business. 

Halloween should be a time to celebrate true love and soulmate fun. Go ahead and plan how you will share the Halloween experience. Venus is there to support your creativity and enjoyment of this fun fall event.

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