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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio October 2020

You might want to cancel that vacation you planned for this month.

Mercury in retrograde this October means plans going awry. The planet of the trickster God, Hermes, Mercury's retrograde carries a negative connotation in most astrological circles. 

But, retrograde doesn't always have to mean gloomy predictions. Read on for a guide to Mercury's retrograde through Scorpio and how to find the positives. 

Venus Retrograde - October 5 - November 16, 2018

The turmoil of this wild summer is coming to an end. If you listened to what all the Retrogrades were trying to teach you this year, you should be in great shape to move forward and improve your love life.

Friday the 13th is coming

Watch out!  Friday the 13th, often referred to as one of the unluckiest days of the year is coming!
What should you be made aware of regarding this so-called luckless day? Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky? 

Origins of this myth include the following and may help explain the lack of luck on this particular day:

1.  The 13th guest at the last supper supposedly was Judas. The next day, Friday, is often referred to as the date of the crucifixion.