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Tips for the Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse - August 2017

Tips for the Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse - August 2017

We are officially in the pre-shadow phase for the August Mercury Retrograde. 
The Mercury Retrograde is August 12 through September 5th. Because of the pre-shadow and post shadow phases, some are likely to feel the retrograde energy more than others. 

The big event of the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 will also affect energy. Solar energy is male energy versus the moon is female energy. There are many people who will be in a bit of a bumpy ride because of the eclipse. I would almost think about it as - there will be many male energies that could be moody. 

Combining the solar eclipse with the mercury retrograde - different charts will have different energy issues. We like to look at energy shifts as opportunities. Things might change, if you plan ahead and are ready for a little chaos, you will come out on top. 

Be adaptable, take your time to organize and prepare now. 

The Mercury Retrograde period can be a little rough. Plan on taking a little time for yourself for reflection and redoing things. If you are someone who lives by a calendar - put a couple gaps in the time you have blocked off. This will help you be ready for anything. 

Time, communication and reflection are key to making it through a mercury retrograde. 

Remain level headed

Don’t believe everything you read

Manage your relationships

Take time for reflection

Try to stay away from signing contracts

Backup your files now - get your oil changed now - any car or computer issues, take care of them now. 

Even if your astrological chart says you won’t feel the effects too much - you’re likely to feel the effects because how many other people in your life will be feeling them. 

We will be here for you! If you need a reading - it’s the perfect time. Just call us - our readers love to help sort out the mess.