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Celebrities Who Like Psychics

We get asked about celebrities who like psychic readings quite a bit. We do have a few celebrities who call us. Getting a phone reading is a good way to get insight without exposing yourself to the world. Phone psychic readings can happen anywhere - this makes them a popular option for celebrities who need insight. Celebrity psychics are in high demand. We specifically look for the best psychic readers for our clients. We never reveal who are clients are or if they have had readings with us. We NEVER reveal any information about our clients - not even our famous clients.

Our Psychics are Relationship Experts

A love psychic reading deals with current relationships, future relationships, divorce, relationship advice, past lovers, commitment issues and love insight. There are some common themes and questions that our clients ask our readers. A relationship reading and a love reading are probably our top area of focus for our clients. It is a very common topic for the readers to look into during a reading. 

Prediction for the week of January 9, 2019

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. thinks that sharing a prediction for the week starting Wednesday, January 9, 2019, will be interesting. You can take this opportunity to see how a general trend applies to you.

This week’s prediction is that there will a tendency for people to exhibit a tendency toward aggressiveness, defiance, and exhibit strong convictions. People may feel the urge to resist suggestions, communication and avoid change or new ideas. This general trend may cause some explosions or temper tantrums as you move through the week.

11 Reasons to call us and why we are different

Why call us? What makes our service different than any other psychic service?

Spirit Visitation Dreams

We believe spirits are always around us. The energy of crossed loved ones stays with us once the soul of the person has crossed over. Many people use psychic mediums to connect with a crossed loved one’s energy. But, you don’t always need to use a psychic medium for the energy to come through. There are ways to recognize spirit energy around you.

8 Ways Spirit May Try to Communicate with You

Halloween is generally considered the time of year when the veil between the earthly plane and the other side thins. This should make communication between the dimensions easier.

Some indicators spirits are near:

1. Are you seeing butterflies? A Chinese legend indicates that if you see a butterfly, a soul has come to visit you from the other side of the veil. If the image of a face flashes into your mind when you see a butterfly, that may be a sign from a loved one that has passed to the other side.

Recognizing Psychic Symbols

When spirits and spirit guides are trying to communicate with us, they may show up as psychic symbols - cardinals, butterflies, pennies, certain songs and feathers are all examples of spirit showing up in daily life. We always encourage paying attention very closely to what is happening around you in the moment the psychic symbol reveals itself. There could be a message from your crossed loved one or spirit guides. Spirit is persistent. In our daily lives, the messages from spirit can easily be overlooked.

Accurate Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

We love helping our clients with their issues. We believe psychic readings are a fun way to learn about yourself. We test the readers before they are allowed to join our service. We look for many types of readers. When we test a reader, we look for accuracy and the ability to effectively communicate their visions.