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Get the Most Out of Your Reading

Summer 2018 and the supercharged energy that the Universe is providing during this summer of Retrogrades plus a Blood Moon Eclipse will probably inspire people to make a call to a psychic line. Chaos generally leads to lots of issues that need insight.

If you and those around you seem to be acting in an unusual fashion, if you feel uncomfortable, out of sorts, anxious, misunderstood, or are just tired of the drama - this might be an ideal time to schedule a psychic reading.

Tarot Card Series: The Threes of the Minor Arcana

The Threes of each suit of the Minor Arcana are all about growth and creating - good or bad. Depending on the suit, will determine if the growth is personal, business, mental or travel. 

Summer Solstice - June 21, 2018

The Summer Solstice takes place on June 21, 2018. This is when those of us that are in the northern hemisphere experience the longest day of the year! Since the Sun is the primary source of energy for most beings on earth, this day has often been celebrated for its abundance of light, energy of all sorts and the opportunity it provides for getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.

Reasons people call a psychic reader

There are actually a million different reasons our clients call us. We are always grateful they trust us in their good times and not-so good times. Here are a few reasons people love to call us. 

Relationship questions - Most people who call us are looking for relationship advice and help. 

Tarot Card Spreads

There are numerous Tarot card spreads that can be used by a Tarot card reader for an accurate reading. Generally speaking, an excellent Tarot card reader will have a few different spreads to choose from based on the type of question (or not having a specific question) from the client. Having a spread with more cards doesn’t necessarily give more information. An accurate Tarot card reader will be able to choose which type of spread will work best for the client’s situation.