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Pre-Mercury Retrograde planning

Pre-Mercury Retrograde planning

Set yourself up for success! Mercury will go Retrograde pre-shadow phase on March 26, 2017. Mercury Retrograde station on April 9. May 3rd is direct. (Mercury Retrograde proper is April 9 through May 3). Post-shadow through May 21. 

So many dates to remember - we know!
There are many things you can do now to prepare. 

We believe Mercury Retrograde can be a time of creativity, practicing patience, taking your time and solving problems. 

Here are things you can do now - 

Get your car tuned up.
Backup your computer. 
Double check your appointment calendar.
Make extra time your calendar in the coming weeks.
Make lists and get organized.
Run big errands now.

Mercury Retrograde is thought to interfere with communications, aggravate mechanical issues, mess with computers and electronics, and make signing documents and professional situations difficult. 

Plan ahead and be prepared so you can take advantage of the chaos.
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