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What is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium does psychic readings by picking up on energy and instantly telling the person what he or she is seeing or feeling.  The energy can come to the psychic medium in the form of visual signs or feelings.  Psychic medium readers often pick on people who have crossed over, but many can also pick up on a person's energy who is still here in the physical world.  Psychic medium readings are good for closure.  A psychic medium can help a client deal with the closure of a business situation, personal relationship, or dealing with the passing of a loved one.  While many psychic mediums can also help with the future, they are better known with dealing with the present and past of a situation.  In psychic medium readings it is normal to deal in past and present, in order for the client move in a positive direction in the future.    Once a client can move past the difficult parts of his or her past, closure can happen and the client can open doors toward positivity.