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Please use patience during the Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde is in full effect until July 20.  You will be able to feel a difference in the energy of people through around August 4, 2013.  During this time there are many issues that may arise with communication and machinery.  It can get very frustrating for all of us!  I have noticed on Facebook that many of my friends from my younger years and older years have commented about people being grumpy when out and about.  For instance, in the parking lots at stores or at the grocery line, or in traffic and etc.  

Please remember to give a little extra time for your errands.  Computers break, miscommunications happen, and it is easier to be less stressed when you are expecting the unexpected and go with the flow.  Show patience to every one during the mercury retrograde.  It's not worth it to be angry for craziness that no one can anticipate or control.