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Mercury Retrograde starts November 16, 2018

Mercury Retrograde starts November 16, 2018

Mercury goes into Retrograde on November 16, 2018 causing the usual issues with sending and receiving communications of all sorts. The normal cautions apply: don’t start anything new; be careful about signing contracts; check and recheck schedules; be aware that people may not be able to process the information you are giving them; don’t download new software for your computer; be cautious of posting on social media; and be generally aware that you may be facing some communication challenges.

What makes this particular Retrograde interesting is that this particular Retrograde starts in Sagittarius and ends in Scorpio on December 6th. Mercury squared Neptune influences this period. Neptune is considered spiritual, focused on ritual and magical things, lucid dreaming, enhanced psychic abilities, theater, scary stories and strong intuitive feelings. It may also cause problems with substance abuse, addictions, and sex because of the confusion that may ensue.

The energy that Neptune provides comes from a high cosmic vibration. It enhances the desire to understand the universe, metaphysics, and the occult. Neptune’s influence may be somewhat difficult to handle for some people. As a result, people may be tempted to escape from reality, be over dramatic, turn to alcohol or drugs, have impulsive sexual encounters, and spend too much time daydreaming. Neptune might be very difficult for the uniformed to deal with.

You may find yourself especially vulnerable to Psychic Vampires during this period because the Mercury Retrograde (which is probably causing confusion) is square Neptune. This may seriously inhibit your ability to block out negativity. If you are at all empathic, it could be a huge challenge for you to block out negativity and protect yourself from deceptive people. You may find that your filters and barriers are weakened during this time. A call to a professional psychic advisor may help you understand and strengthen your protections from negativity. 

Lucid dreams, daydreams, fantasies and too much living inside your head could cause you to lose touch with reality. Unfortunately, self-communication during this period will probably be just as convoluted as outward communication.

If you start a romance during this period, try to take a minute and look at things carefully. You don’t want to end up rejected or humiliated because you misread a situation. When at work, remember that your thinking and perceptions may be a little off because your barriers are weakened. If there is confusion, take a step back and make sure that Psychic Vampires are not draining your reserves causing confusion. Remember, others are also experiencing this challenge. If you feel things are getting unnecessarily complicated, don’t forget that you probably can ask for advice from a, trusted friend, reliable psychic,or a qualified professional.

Above all, try to stick to the truth. Remember to take your time, avoid the temptation to tell white lies, avoid those that are deceptive, and try to maintain psychic balance. Also don’t forget to protect yourself against overuse of your imagination, don’t give into the temptation to fall for wild conspiracy theories, don’t give in to pushy people, and be aware that there are psychic vampires. These types of situation may come up because your aura is temporarily weakened during this brief period.

A call to The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions should help figure out to handle the Psychic Vampires that may be appearing in your life. 

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