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Look for the "Pink" Full Moon on Thursday

On Thursday, April 25, 2012, there will be a full moon that appears pink.  This is going to be a beautiful sight and we hope everyone looks up and enjoys the beauty of the moon.  Although the news reports are saying the moon will be salmon colored or pink, it will actually just look like a regular, beautiful silver full moon.  They say the April full moon is pink because it is a full moon of the spring season.  Europe, East Asia and Northern Africa will be able to see a lunar eclipse.  

As always, the moon affects emotions and, well we'll say it, makes people nuts.  We will be a very busy psychic line on Thursday while people deal with the emotions and energy the full moon casts on us!  Full moons affect consciousness and magnetic energy making emotions run high.  This is why we are so busy during the full moons.  It is definitely a great time for a phone psychic reading!  A psychic can help you deal with and understand your energy level in order to sort through your life questions.