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Relationships, Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon

The Mercury Retrograde influence combined with the Full Moon on November 23 influence may be disruptive for relationships. A bright spot to focus on during this time of turmoil should be that you may be able to give your relationships the tune up they need in order to be healthy. The timing of this opportunity just before the holiday season might be just the thing to help ease some of the tensions faced during this busy season.

August, 26, 2018 - Full Moon in Pisces

Tonight there is a full moon in Pisces. This should provide relief from all the heavy energy felt during this summer of retrogrades. As people process all the changes that the universe provided this summer, there should be resolution and time to process the new reality that has begun.

Mercury Retrograde and a full moon

We are open all day today for readings. We think you might want a reading considering it is a full moon AND a strong Mercury Retrograde. 

We are closed tomorrow (Sunday, April 1st) to observe Easter. We will be back Monday. If you need a reading, call us today!

Hang in there, friends!

Full moon - March 23, 2016

Tonight we have our first full moon of the spring solstice. It is names a worm moon by native Americans because many night crawlers make an appearance during the brightness of this moon. Be sure to take a look outside tonight - the moon should be beautiful with light. It is thought that a full moon can make energy a little wild here on Earth. Specifically causing havoc on police and hospitals, but it is not really proven.

Look for the "Pink" Full Moon on Thursday

On Thursday, April 25, 2012, there will be a full moon that appears pink.  This is going to be a beautiful sight and we hope everyone looks up and enjoys the beauty of the moon.  Although the news reports are saying the moon will be salmon colored or pink, it will actually just look like a regular, beautiful silver full moon.  They say the April full moon is pink because it is a full moon of the spring season.  Europe, East Asia and Northern Africa will be able to see a lunar eclipse.