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Karmic Influence

Karma is a word used often. It simply means "what comes around, goes around." If you are in a strange relationship, perhaps it is being influenced by a past life karmic influence. Perhaps you owe this person a karmic debt. One example would be hanging on to a love relationship that is somewhat one-sided. Do you feel responsible for the happiness of another person? Does it seem impossible to step away from a situation that appears odd at first glance? Is the person you are involved with somehow needy and lacking? Do you feel that you have to take care of them? Have you helped that person emotionally, physically, and financially over and over again? If so, you may be repaying a karmic debt of sorts. Perhaps you let that person down in a past life. Maybe you were unfaithful or abandoned them. If you feel obligated to stick around for no apparent reason, it may be karma.  The trick is knowing when you have repaid your karmic debt in order for you to move on with your life.

Do you live in a home that seems unfriendly to you, but not your spouse. Do unusual things happen? Have there been accidents, break ins, strange mechanical breakdowns, invasion by insects or snakes, storm damage, or other weird happenings that occur more often than would be statistically the norm? Do you feel discomfort or uneasy in the home? Does your spouse love it? Is the location a cause of discord between you? Perhaps he or she lived there in the past. The energy around the home is friendly to your loved one, maybe not so much to you. If there are spirits still around that were connected to your spouse in a past life, they may not be overly fond of your presence. If your spouse wants to stay in a "jinxed" home and is otherwise a rational person, I would bet on a karmic influence.

Another karmic influence would be love at first sight. Sounds wonderful. Instant gratification. This type of relationship sometimes moves very quickly. You have a deep, instant connection. This type of relationship may endure or burn itself out once the karmic debt has been paid. Love at first is an enticing concept. Be aware, that it may simply turn out to be an opportunity to pay something back. Once paid, the relationship may not last. Something may simply have come back around. The person may owe you, you may owe them. Whatever the situation, these karmic relations can be valuable and provide closure. Once you are free of a karmic obligation, you are free to follow a new life path in order to reach your higher purpose.
The use of free will in making good decisions and payback will probably set the stage for more positive karma moving forward.

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