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Identifying and Cutting off Psychic Vampires

A psychic vampire is a person who (knowingly or unknowingly) takes energy away from another person. For instance, someone who drains you when you hang out with them or talk to them on the phone. Some psychic vampires take energy so fast that you immediately feel energy being drained. Others take energy slowly and you may or may not notice it until you actually rid them from your life. Being that humans are made of energy, staying around a psychic vampire can really take a toll on one's mental and spiritual health. There are two types of psychic vampires they can be distinguished by whether or not the vampire knows he or she is taking energy. Either way, you must find a way to identify and cut that person off from draining your energy so you can move on and protect yourself. 

 - Ways to identify a psychic vampire: 

The psychic vampire is a charmer! He or she will give compliments, ask for help, flatter you and make promises. 

He or she will find you during times when you are down and make you feel good and/or wanted. If you are vulnerable - be careful with new friends - they may not have your best interests at heart. 

Psychic vampires are unpredictable. They are there one minute and off the next. They say they will call and not call for days or weeks. But, when they come back, they encompass your time. 

Psychic vampires get angry and blame you when they do not get their way. They will try to make you feel guilty for having needs of your own. 

The psychic vampire will make them self out as a martyr to other people.  

(All of these characteristics make you give MORE energy to the psychic vampire.)

- What to do about the psychic vampire: 

Once you have identified the psychic vampire, there is only one true way to protect yourself - Stop giving them energy. If you are dealing with a psychic vampire you MUST create a boundary and exclude them from your life. As long as you recognize them, apologize to them, get angry at them and/or give them ANY energy - they will keep coming back. They will also keep wrecking you emotionally, physically and spiritually. It can be really hard to get away from a psychic vampire, but it is the only way to protect and care for your own energy. This may mean finding a new job, deleting and blocking an ex's phone number, not going to certain social situations where the vampire will be, and avoiding situations that will put you near the psychic vampire.