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How to clear energy

How to clear energy - Updated for Summer of 2018

This is very relevant for any difficult time. We know with the current number of planets in retrograde, this is timely for summer of 2018. 

Clearing energy

There are many ways to clear energy. YOU are in charge of clearing your own energy. 

How do you know if you need energy clearing?

You feel stuck in a rut. 
You keep making the same mistakes. 
You feel exhausted - no matter what you do to rest
You keep hearing negativity - negative comments, negative situations, negative people, attracting negativity, you feel you need a energy clearing, you feel like you are going against your intuition, You have severe anxiety, you need direction, the season changed, you just went through a major life adjustment, your home feels like it needs a change, you feel you lack creativity or feel stale in a position you worked really hard for, 


Changing energy is also a time to do soul searching. It is a time to take a time out from anything that (besides your job or means to live) distracts you from going in the right direction. The right direction is the direction that will feel good to you. It will uplift and inspire you. 

These are suggestions that have helped me in the past - some may or may not work for you. Use common sense on the best way for you to clear your energy. 

Start by being aware. Question where you are and where you want to be. Make a list of your goals. The steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Then - get ready to work. 

Declutter your life of anything that stands in your way. 

How to clear energy with sage - white sage, closed windows, prayer and leave one window cracked to let negativity out and keep positivity in. BE CAREFUL and USE PROPER PRECAUTIONS when dealing with fire and ashes - don’t sage your home if you have any sort of medical condition that smoke can interefere with. There are different ways to clear energy. You don’t have to use fire or smoke or ash. 

Use a sea salt scrub and put sea salt on your door jams to keep negativity out. Salt is a wonderful cleanser - we will have a post on salt and a seperate post on sage in order to clarify how to use them. Please subscribe to our feed. 

Burn a white candle to attract positive energy and deflect negative energy

Clean your living space! Use non-toxic cleaning products and really give it a good scrub while focusing on what you want  - THIS WORKS!

Use quartz and crystals to bring and hold positive energy near. Crystals draw upon the earth to bring positive energy and healing. Recharge crystals under the full moonlight and by rinsing in spring water. Do not use sunlight - it would be effective but it will also bleach out your crystals.

Yawning and stretching can give immediate energy clearing. You will feel it. Even just one yawn or a quick bend can help clear energy. This is a great method to use at work or when you’re out and about. 

You can clear energy through meditation - this will be explored further in our Facebook posts. Meditation can be achieved numerous ways. Through quiet, through music, through running or walking, through yoga, through anything that carries your mind away into the theta state. When you achieve theta - good things happen! We will cover this more in the future. 

Thanks for tuning in! 

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