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A Halloween Topic - Mediumship vs. Channeling

Halloween is often a time when metaphysical questions are on your mind.  Two topics that may be of interest involve an explanation of mediumship and channeling.

Generally speaking, mediumship may be considered the process that takes place when a person (the medium) is used in a cooperating effort between the medium and an entity in the spirit world in order to communicate with a human being.

A channel is usually thought of as the tool that provides the pathway that enables communication.  What do you think of when you hear the word channel?

Channeling may be considered the way to move energy from one plan to another.  There are many ways a channel might be used.  Energy in the spirit world or the universe is usually not considered to be limited to those humans that are no longer on the early planes.  People often refer to spirit guides, angels, animal spirits, etc. that may provide information that could be available through a channel.

Most of us feel energy exists around us in many forms.  A psychic that has the ability to channel energy is usually able to provide clients with information from the universe. They often avail themselves of spirit guides in order to facilitate the message about energy coming or going into someone's life.  An understanding of this energy is often helpful in dealing with the earthly consequences that may appear due to energy.  A psychic channel may be a great help in facilitating communication between different planes.

Mediumship can often take advantage of the channel that seems to appear as a link to the spirit world and earthly plane.  This ability seeks to help communication between beings that are thought to be on earth and on the other side.  A psychic medium seeks to share information with the recipient of communication from beyond.  A psychic that has the ability to be a medium usually tries to function as an objective source of information in order to take themselves out of the equation and convey an accurate message.

Psychics that operate as channels often can operate as a medium.  Generally, not all channelers are necessarily mediums.  They may have other functions. Channels may sometimes manifest spirits that have the intention of working with energy or provide communication between planes in order to assist people.  This type of channel that provides advice from spirit is often referred to as someone that uses spirit guides.

Spirit guides may take many forms.  Some psychic readers use spirit guides in order to provide clients with information that is helpful and relevant to their situation.

Tested phone psychics may be able to help you with connecting with someone on the other side by sharing their gift of mediumship.  Some psychic readers may also be able to channel spirit in order to provide you with insight.  A psychic reader's spirit guides may often be accessed by a reader in order to help you.  

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions hopes that his helps you with achieving a better understanding of mediumship and channeling!

Happy Halloween.  "We just knew you were going to call."

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