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Empaths - Experience Another Person's Feelings - Part 1

Having psychic ability is common.  Science has shown that most people generally only use about 10% of their brain.  Empathy is often the first sign of simmering psychic abilities lurking below the surface.  When psychic abilities are undeveloped and an empathic experience occurs, it may be confusing for the person involved.

Ask yourself the following questions:  Do you feel uneasy around certain people?  Do you feel strong emotions - sad or happy, etc. - that you cannot explain?  Do you have headaches for no reason, dizzy spells, sleeping disorders, or strange mood swings?  Do you see flashes of light?  Do you have an uncanny ability for spotting what someone really means?  Are you a human lie detector?  Do you have difficulty or feel panic in a crowd (crowds may be problematic for empaths because they may pick up multiple motions and experience "crowd sickness").

An example of something an Empath might feel comes from this type of experience.  One weekend, I was really weepy and could not figure out why.  I cried at the mailbox, when petting my dog, when watching television, and when sitting at a stoplight in traffic.  The tears were always gentle and sudden.  Since my life was quiet at the time, I could not figure out why I was so weepy.  A day or so later I received notification from a family that a close relative had been rushed to the hospital the previous weekend.  Everyone was devastated because she had pneumonia - not a good thing for someone with lung cancer.  The family member was released to Hospice and passed away within a month.  The weepiness was explained.  I was picking up the sad emotions of family and friends a thousand miles away.  The sadness appeared suddenly before I was made aware of the actual event.  

Keep in mind that not every empathic experience is sad.  This ability did not require any action on my part.  What is important to note is that Empaths should examine their feelings and make sure they make sense.  Empathic abilities generally require patience.  The reason for my weepiness was revealed fairly quickly in this case.  However, the universe often reveals answers at its own pace.  Driving yourself crazy looking for immediate answers will probably not be helpful.  

If you are experiencing unexplained emotions, talking to professional phone psychics should provide you with guidance.  A tested telephone psychic may be able to help you protect yourself if you find yourself overwhelmed by the constant influx of feelings from other people.  The gift of empathy may be wonderful and help you grow as a person that truly understands how other people feel.  

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. has readers that will try to assist you in a greater understanding of your psychic abilities and work in concert with you in order to provide insight into the issues that you face.

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