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Confused about Karma?

Karma - one simplified explanation of this belief is that we create our own fate.  We are the recipient of the effects of our own actions. I like the phrase, "What comes around, goes around."  It sounds simple, but is in reality quite complex.  

There seems to be a reaction to every action.  As masters of our own fate, we are responsible for how we respond to life's challenges.  That response may determine how happy or unhappy our life was, is or may become.  Free will plays an important role.  

Life is all about taking control of your feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions.  Learning how to take control of your life in order to make the choices that contribute to happiness and well-being may be very helpful.  

If you are not happy with your life, ask yourself what is really going on.  What lesson is the universe trying to teach you?  One way that may help is that we have readers that work with past-lives.  That may explain certain reoccurring issues in your life.  For example, we have a client that is consistently drawn into dangerous situations.  This client feels obligated to try to help people that really seem unappreciative.  One of our readers mentioned that her seemingly unreasonable desire to put herself in harms way in order to help might be Karmic.  The client was advised that a Karmic debt had been paid from a failure to protect someone in a past life.  Strangely enough, it made sense to the client. Hopefully, she will be able to move forward and finally experience peace.

Some of our tested psychics deal in past-lives. Some of them work clairvoyantly or use tarot cards as a tool in order to help resolve the many issues that face people in their lives.  If you have questions regarding relationships, love, work, family, friends, a tendency to repeat past mistakes, an unreasonable attraction, past life influences, spirit guides, meditation or the influece of Karma on your life - give us a call.  If you have issues, we have insight.  A telephone psychic reading in the privacy of your own home may help you unravel the secrets of Karma.

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