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Full Moon

August, 26, 2018 - Full Moon in Pisces

Tonight there is a full moon in Pisces. This should provide relief from all the heavy energy felt during this summer of retrogrades. As people process all the changes that the universe provided this summer, there should be resolution and time to process the new reality that has begun.

Both Mercury and Mars were in retrograde until recently. The Piscean energy with the full moon should help lighten things up. If you faced your issues, took your time, analyzed your situations and made good decisions; you should be able to move happily forward - full steam ahead. The hard truths that were revealed this summer during all the retrogrades should have taught us to realistically look at our lives and the energy of those around us with new eyes.

The good news is that you soon should be able to enjoy a better love life, more robust business or work experience, successful projects should come to fruition, the ability to move forward in areas that may have been stalled, better understanding of yourself and those around you, and enjoy the peace of mind that real insight provides. If you had new thoughts or creative ideas, you should see the path forward in a clear manner and be able to achieve success.

Pisces is a sign that is thought to be intuitive, internal, and creative. This Full Angel Moon in Pisces combined with end of Mercury and Mars Retrogrades should make your internal compass work well and give you the ability to understand and control the influences of the world around you in a realistic and harmonious way.

If you are tuned into your psychic abilities, you should be feeling a lot of creative and intuitive energy that may manifest in a practical manner. Your abilities should be enhances and you may find yourself more comfortable in your own skin. Your may find yourself in the position to intuitively help yourself and others in a practical manner because of your ability to think outside of the box.