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14 Signs You are a Psychic Medium

14 Signs You are a Psychic Medium

There are many ways to be psychic. Psychic is a general term for people who use their sixth sense. Psychic mediums pick up on symbols and energy from other sources. The energy source can be from a living entity, or from an energy who has crossed. It usually take some sort of spiritual awakening to fully develop one's psychic ability. Some of these signs can come before or after the spiritual awakening leading one to realize they are psychic. 

Signs you are a psychic medium - 
- You remember feeling or seeing spirits as a child - Maybe you had an imaginary friend when you were young.
- You are related to someone with the gift. 
- You don’t sleep well or you wake between 3am and 5am. 
- You feel loads of energy when you are at cemeteries, among old furniture or belongings, and/or old buildings. 
- Old cities or sites of disasters are really difficult to deal with because of the energy
- You see shadows out of the corner of your vision. 
- Feelings can be overwhelming at times. 
- You have a natural connection with animals - sometimes animals go out of their way to find you. 
- You identify more as an energy person versus someone who relies on concrete data.
- Your dreams are symbolic, vivid and could even be a place where you first get your ability to pick up on energy.
- You have known about your ability and maybe were a loner because of it. You felt different than other people. 
- You give good advice - you have natural wisdom. People describe you as an old soul.
- You find it hard to be in a large crowd. 
- You have anxiety - 
You might not completely understand your gift until you have a spiritual awakening. Please do research of your ability and read as much as possible about the gift if you think you are inclined to be a psychic medium. Knowledge is power with all psychic gifts. 

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