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Tips for developing psychic ability

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28 Apr

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Ways to increase your psychic abilities

02 Sep

Being psychic and having intuition are only half of the gift. You can foster the gift to help yourself and people around you. Being awoken to the beauty of the gift is important and probably the reason so many of our followers found us.

You are probably psychic or have some intuitive ability.

We believe most people have some sort of intuition and/or psychic ability. There are some people who are born with significantly more psychic ability, but the sixth sense is a very important asset. If a person isn’t born with strong intuition, there are some ways you can build your intuition. We have touched on that topic many times in the past.

Journaling, meditation, learning to listen, learning about the psychic and metaphysical world, listening to psychics talk about how they found their intuition, and taking time for yourself are all ways you can strengthen your intuition.

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14 Signs You are a Psychic Medium

22 Jun

There are many ways to be psychic. Psychic is a general term for people who use their sixth sense. Psychic mediums pick up on symbols and energy from other sources. The energy source can be from a living entity, or from an energy who has crossed. It usually take some sort of spiritual awakening to fully develop one's psychic ability. Some of these signs can come before or after the spiritual awakening leading one to realize they are psychic.

Signs you are a psychic medium -

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