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What is a psychic symbol?

Psychic symbols are how the universe communicates with us. Everything happens for a reason, but before it does, the world throws in a few signs though not many people take time to listen. Paying attention to every little detail could change your life forever. It could make the difference between wealth and poverty, happiness and sadness, or success and failure. But to get anywhere with a psychic reading, you must first identify what these symbols are. 

Below are some of the most common psychic symbols to watch out for.

Angel Shapes

Sometimes your divine guardian might be trying to tell you something you're missing by showing you repeating shapes. For example, if you see an image in the clouds that reminds you of something you saw in your tea in the morning, that's a sign. Whenever you see some weirdly repeating shapes, always try to join the dots and ask yourself what it could be. Angel symbols can help you find answers you've been looking for.

Sudden Chills

Have you ever experienced chills that seem to come out of nowhere? Sudden goosebumps, shivering, and intense anxiety may come out of nowhere as a warning sign for something big about to happen. It could also indicate that something good is about to happen, that you're about to win the lottery, or maybe you're about to meet someone extraordinary (life is sending love your way). 


Mother Nature could also be trying to tell you something through a rainbow. Rainbows are often associated with peace, calmness, and good things. If you're driving home and suddenly see a rainbow at the edge of the sunset, it means that good things are coming your way. It could also be a sign of inspiration telling you to go after your thoughts and ideas, and everything will be okay.

Butterflies and Dragonflies

When butterflies and dragonflies can't seem to stay away from you, some invisible force is attracted to you. And if they swirl around you in large numbers, it means that the energy is more than you could imagine. This is a good thing because these creatures are associated with an angelic presence and other life forces looking out for your good.

Animal Messengers

Animals are more in sync with nature than humans. Sometimes, they come as messengers from the other side, a reincarnation or a spiritual representation. If you see a particular animal, say a bird, always knocking on your window and flying away when you spot it, that's a psychic sign that needs interpretation. 

Owls are some of the animals often associated with bad omens when spotted crying around a home. Animals are more connected to the spiritual side, and when they show a queer behavior around you, try to understand why they're doing so. They could have a message from the other side.

White Feathers

Generally, white feathers on your clothes, buildings, or anywhere across your path symbolize that angelic presence around you. They're looking out for you and will come in to offer guidance and protection whenever you're in trouble. 


Your subconscious mind is most active when you're asleep. Dreams are probably the best and the easiest way to communicate with the universe, receive messages, and figure out what they mean. Every dream has a meaning. All you have to do is decipher that meaning to understand what you're going to do.

The Universe Is Talking to You and You Need to Listen

Fortunately, you don't have to be a pro psychic to receive and decipher the symbols since the universe communicates to us differently. However, understanding some of these symbols requires professional psychics, so if you can't crack the message on your own, contact a professional psychic at The Psychic Line. Don't let some of these vital signs go without an interpretation.