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What is it like to be psychic? Am I psychic?

As a psychic line, we believe that everyone has some psychic ability. Some people are born with a stronger psychic sense than others, but intuition is part of being human. When a person develops their intuition, they can start to use it to their advantage. So, in this sense, YES! You are psychic. Many psychics readers are blessed with a strong intuition from the time they are born. Others develop their intuition by learning to listen and feel and pay attention to their intuition. A person can develop their psychic ability through meditation, learning about different forms of metaphysics and learning about their gift. Some psychics can channel people who have crossed over known as a psychic medium, like Theresa Caputo or John Edward. Some psychics can pick up on past, present or future events for another person - clairvoyant psychic. Others pick up visually on items or landscapes or rooms - remote viewers. Learn about your gift! You never know, you could end up helping other people as a working psychic reader.