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What does it mean to talk to a spirit?

Talking to spirit is about a psychic's relationship to their spirit guide or spirit guides.  It is a higher energy that the psychic is able to feel in a sort of energy form.  Sometimes spirits will send a quick number or string of words for the psychic to convey to the client, other times the spirit will send a feeling, such as calmness, a vibration or cool breeze to the reader to convey to the client.  These feelings can have different meanings to the reader then the initial thought of what the feeling means to us here in the physical world.  

Talking to spirit is actually a way of using spirit guides in a psychic reading.  Spirit guides can also be used by regular individuals if they take time and focus on energy around them.  Individuals can learn to tune into a higher power and spirit guides, but it does involve getting correct knowledge and finding the right energy to tune into.  Spirit guides can help mediums pick up on energies that have passed.  They can also help a psychic guide a client to a place of calmness and resolve.  
Talking to spirit is a very personal journey and can be very useful in day to day life.  Spirit guides are there to guide a person's path toward a higher energy level.  

Love and light  - R