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We can't wait to watch Mama Medium on TLC

Mama Medium is the newest psychic medium reader who will be highlighted in a TLC series. Her show starts on November 9, 2018 at 9pm EST. The show will feature a psychic medium named Jennie Marie who lives in Rochester, New York. We will be watching.

From what we have seen on the previews, it looks like she is a caring, loving psychic medium. It is very important to find a psychic medium who works in the light and to help.

Psychic medium readers translate messages from the other side. Most work by elevating their energy higher in order to pick up on spirit guides and spirits. The spirits may be of people they know or people they do not know. The spirits may also be the psychic medium’s own spirits that are there for the reading or the psychic medium’s spirit guides that are around them all the time. It is hard to tell which spirit or spirits will come through in a psychic medium reading. There can actually be many spirits and energies around a psychic reading. Psychic mediums translate the energy. The energy usually comes through in phrases, symbols, numbers, names, sometimes in images. The psychic medium works as a translator for the energy that is coming through. Psychic mediums work in a very specific area of the psychic world. They work with current energy.

Clairvoyant psychic readers are readers who pick up on images of a client’s past, present or future and describe the images. If a client is looking for a relationship reading, a psychic medium may be able to help with the other person’s feelings at the present time. The information may or may not include the past or future events.

We are not affiliated with TLC, Mama Medium or Jennie Marie in any way.