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We are always looking for accurate and caring psychic readers

We are always looking for accurate and caring psychic readers

Our clients call us because we offer sound advice and a listening ear in times of need. Our readers deal with love issues, family issues, divorce, grief, loneliness, spirituality and (almost) any part of the human experience. We have to look for kind, responsible, helpful readers who are accurate with their predictions and give good life advice. We are a privately owned and operated service. We have been booking and testing psychic readers - specifically clairvoyants and psychic medium readers. Some of the readers use other tools as a means to connect. We love Tarot cards, numerology, Astrology, meditations, mantras, pendulums, Angel cards, Oracle cards - whatever the reader needs to use to be connected and accurate. 

Accuracy and the ability to relate to others are extremely important for clients. Clients call for so many different situations and reasons. Our main focus as a company is to be helpful and provide meaningful advice. Empathy and connection are extremely important to our clients.

If you think you are psychic, we encourage you to apply. We look for readers who have experience, but not necessarily psychic line experience. We work differently than all of the other services. We are not affiliated with anyone else. We are a tiny company in a huge market. Our clients are extremely loyal - many have been calling us since we opened in 1991. We are proud of our following. We find the biggest compliment to our service is the fact that our clients stay with our company. They call us back because we provide a reliable and trustable service. We appreciate our clients and we work really hard maintaining the quality and authenticity of our service. 

If you would like to read for us, please fill out the application. We are looking for very specific qualities in the application. We know the right people will find us because it is destiny. 

If you would like to call us, we have new and current client specials. We would love to help you!