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Valentine's Gifts by Sun Sign

Valentine's Gifts by Sun Sign

2018 Valentine’s Gifts by Sun Sign

Do you want to make your Valentine’s Day extra special? The following Sun Sign Valentine’s Gift Guide should be of some help.

ARIES: Surprise your Aries with something totally unexpected. They usually hate the same old thing. Use your imagination! Since Aries likes adventure, take them on a romantic hot air balloon ride followed by a meal at a new, fun restaurant.

TAURUS: This sign is generally very sensual. Maybe you should stay at home alone, fix a gourmet meal (there are meal kits available) complete with some good wine, and indulge them with a hot oil massage. This approach should work out very well romantically.

GEMINI: Perhaps a seductive role-playing game will get their attention. This sign gets easily bored. An escape game might make them happy. If you catch them off guard with something that stimulates their mind, you might have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

CANCER: Since Cancer seems to value a sense of security, be sure to let them know that they have your undying, unconditional love. They will probably love to receive a homemade meal, lots of cuddles, and card that expresses your true eternal love.

LEO: If you can make them feel like they are the most wonderful, important person in the world, you will probably really enjoy Valentine’s Day. A cozy dinner where you focus on them and how wonderful they are should nicely do the trick.

VIRGO: This sign usually loves to fix things. They may appear to be critical, but in reality they usually try to find flaws in order to make things better for their loved ones. If you share a problem with a Virgo over a healthy meal, it should bring you closer and provide them with a problem to fix. Sounds like a win win!

LIBRA: Gentle Libra is known for seeking beauty, balance and harmony. Taking them to a cozy restaurant that features fine wine and art should be just the ticket. If you surround them with peace, love and harmony, they will probably be truly appreciative.

SCORPIO: This sign is generally very physical. They are usually very passionate. A private evening at home with a crackling fire, wine, and soft music should provide an opportunity to enjoy the special relationship intensity that a Scorpio is known for.

SAGITTARIUS: If you are up for an adventure, a Sagittarius will probably love it. Since Sagittarians like new experiences, a Craft Beer Festival that provides new drinks, music, and food experiences might just be the thing. They should appreciate your efforts on their behalf and happily focus their attention on you and your love.

CAPRICORN: This sign usually seeks perfection. Providing them the gift of perfection might be a daunting task. It would probably be wise to dress yourself to perfection, put on your most expensive perfume and book a meal at a five-star restaurant. If you show up for Valentine’s Day in a pair of sweats and serve hot dogs for dinner, it may not go well. This sign general appreciates beauty, class and perfection.

AQUARIUS: This sign generally appreciates the unusual and needs to feel free. If you take them out to eat, take them to the newest and most unusual restaurant that you can find. Let them know that you appreciate their unique approach to life, and you might have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

PISCES: Precious Pisces is thought of as a true romantic. They will usually love the little things like a homemade Victorian Valentine’s Day card. Dinner at a softly lit jazz club where you can dance cheek to cheek should make your evening with them special indeed.

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